News – Items of Interest for LVR Residents

Items of Interest for LVR Residents as of December 2016

-The new telephone number for the LVR Office is 956-529-1878

-The Office is now open from 9:30 – 11:30 daily. Trash Bags can be purchased in the office, 10 bags are $21.50; A roll of 50 is $106.25.  

-Grief Share Seminar

If you have lost a loved one, family member or friend you probably found that most people don’t understand the deep hurt and loneliness you feel. Grief share is a special support group for grieving people by people who have and understand your grief and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time For more information: It will be held at Jack
and Charlee Fish home in Hidden Valley Ranch. 816-518-9504 Seating is limited

-Pony Express Propane is coming thru our community on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have Signs in the office for residents to put in their windows if they need propane. If you need to have bottles filled, put them at the curb.