LVR Covid – 19 Information

Update January 19, 2021

For Owners who are in self quarantine

In an attempt to support those in the community that find themselves stricken with or exposed to this virus and the requirement to self-quarantine, we are creating a support network to assist where LVR can.  The type of support that LVR is striving to provide consists of picking up prescriptions, assisting with meals, prayer support and any other tasks or support that LVR has the volunteers capable of aiding.

It is important that we as a community be attuned to our neighbors and friends. It is encouraged that you check on one another to ensure everyone is okay.  We need to be mindful that we are all in this together.

If you are in a situation that requires you to be self-quarantined and in need of assistance, please contact us and provide your information and types of support/assistance that the LVR community might be able to provide. 

You can contact us by:

  • Emailing us at [email protected] or by
  • Phone or text LVR President Barbara Mohr at – 956-566-4883.

The following information and website links  can be useful in understanding and dealing with Covid-19.

  • Join our LVR Facebook page – “Leisure Valley Ranch and Activities” – this is a private site for LVR residents.  Search for the page on Facebook using the title listed above and request to join.   Once you are verified as an owner you will be connected.  This page is being used to post the latest updates on Covid-19.   It includes post from our residents as well as information concerning Covid-19 from our surrounding Government Agencies
    • In addition to our LVR Facebook you should consider liking the following Facebook pages:
      • City of Mission, TX – Government FB page.  Just search Facebook using the title “City of Mission, TX – Government” and it should take you to the page.  Once there like the page so you get the latest updates
      • Some other sites you might consider liking are:
        • Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office
  • Link to CDC webpage on Coronavirus (Covid-19)  –
    • This link talks about
      • How to Protect yourself
      • What to do if you are sick
      • The page also provides links to info about the cases in the US and latest updates for the US
  • Link to State of Texas Department of Health’s webpage about Covid-19 –
    • This page provides:
      • Texas Executive Orders & Public Health Disaster Declaration
      • Covid-19 case dashboard for Texas
      • Links to what to do if you’re sick, testing information, symptoms and prevention tips, How Covid-19 spreads.

There is also a link to a page that talks about controlling rumors in the Share Facts, Not Fear. –